meet the team

Jacob / General Manger

Meet the Beercules of the industry. Jacob has several years of experience behind both the bar and in fine dining. He first met Joseph while in beer distribution and wanted to get back into the industry after realizing that the team Joseph was building, was a team he wanted to be a part of. Jacob is not only a part of the team, but he will also be a key part in the growth of CKT and helping make it a place that all can enjoy no matter the time of day. He's a force to be reckoned with, his witty comebacks and personability with everyone are above reproach. When you come in and see this guy, you are in for a good laugh and a good time!

Cicerone Certified
Distribution Experience
Car Maniac
Gun Nut


Cameron came to us very recently, having years of experience in the industry he is a great addition to the team. He brings a great witty sense of humor with a little dryness added so he can be very hard to read, yet he's one of those guys that makes you come back in the future. Working in liquor forward bars around Houston, we hope he helps us excel in the future growth of the pub and we can't wait to see him grow with us as a team!


Darian has been one of our most loyal employees. Starting with us back in 2018 as a server at 18 years old, she couldn't try anything, but she learned everything she could to help each and every customer with our extensive beer list. Once she hit 21, she took it upon herself to expand her knowledge and become one of the faces of CKT. Now climbing up the ladder to becoming a beertender, she is working towards becoming Cicerone Certified and can't wait to see what the future will bring!



Meet Ed, The Metal Head. Ed, as we all know, is a music- loving guy. Coming from Alamo Drafthouse, his experience in beer was very minimal. He looked forward to working with Joseph for training, growth of his knowledge, and pushing every day to be better than the rest. He has worked his way up the ladder and is now one of the top beertenders on duty behind the bar!

Cicerone Certified
Music Enthusiast


Alix started with us back in 2018 when we were Growler USA. Working two jobs and never skipping a beat. she is what we call "a smiling daisy." She's sure to always be smiling, laughing, and enjoying every minute of her day! She definitely brings a smile to everyone's face. She not only brings a smile to people's faces here at the pub, but she also helps people embark on their dream vacation as a Travel Agent!

Travel Agent
Mother of 1
Motorcycle Enthusiast