About us

We opened the doors at Crafted Kitchen And Taps as part of a small start-up franchise (Growler USA) in 2016 with the sole intention of being a family-friendly place where all are welcome at our table. Our name changed because although we have always been individually and locally owned & operated, we are happy to now be fully independent. We pride ourselves in bringing the best selection of craft beer to the area and providing an elevated experience. We have taken our biggest step this year and opened our horizons with finally providing an extensive liquor selection. Our team is excited to bring crafted cocktails to you and are looking forward to the growth and new faces this new addition brings! 

Embraced quickly by our local community, we know our friends and neighbors have been the secret to our success. Every part of what we created was designed to give those friends, neighbors, families, coworkers, and acquaintances a place to gather in a welcoming environment where craft beer lovers, a family with kids and a church group can hang out - side by side.

Now for the big announcement

Joseph Plant - our 7-year veteran has officially become the Operator of Crafted Kitchen and Taps!

Joseph started at the pub in 2016 as one of the first hires. Never working in the service industry before, it was all new to him. On the first day of opening, he was an unstoppable force, pushing to learn and grow his knowledge of the Craft Beer industry and the brewing process. After becoming Cicerone Certified, he pushed to become the pub's beer buyer. After he proved his loyalty and knowledge, he got the opportunity to take over that role. With so many odds against him, nothing brought him down while he continued to share his passion with everyone who came in. Working his way up to the General Manager position, he was never short of passion. Just after the 2020 lockdown, Joseph wanted to push to something more, that's when the call happened. He proposed his idea of buying the Mayo's out and started doing his due diligence to make that happen. Fast forward two years, he did just that. From server to Co-Owner/Operator, his passion and ability to stay loyal, he completed his goal. Joseph is ready to take on the role and grow an already amazing place. Be on the lookout for all the new things he has in store for the pub!